We have been overseeing the daily operations of properties to ensure smooth running buildings. Our team has successfully negotiated contracts on behalf of the Board of Managers, supervised building employees and implemented staff procedures to ensure efficiency. We have also been processing repair requests and providing around-the-clock response to emergency calls. Additionally, we have been inspecting properties for cleanliness and repair issues while making sure to order supplies and materials in a timely manner.

List of Operational services

*Oversee the daily operations of the property.

*Negotiate contracts on behalf of the Board of Managers.

*Supervise building employees and the implementation of staff procedures to ensure efficiency.

*Process repair requests.

*Provide around-the-clock response to emergency calls

*Inspect property for cleanliness and repair issues.

*Order Supplies and materials.

Account Management

One of the primary reasons why account management is so critical is that it directly impacts customer satisfaction. By providing excellent service, responding to inquiries in a timely manner, and ensuring that transactions are handled smoothly, we can build strong relationships with properties that will lead to a great relationship and a piece of mind.

List of Account Management services

*Invoice owners’ maintenance statements monthly.

*Pay all incoming bills for the property.

*Provide assistance and required documentation to the properties’ accountant for tax returns and annual audits.

*Process payroll for employees.

*Collect monthly charges from owners.

*Make all bank deposits.

*Provide the Board with a monthly report of all financial transactions and bank reconciliations.

*Assist in the preparation of an annual budget.


All Shore Management's administrative services include handling requests for Certificates of Insurance, preparing paperwork for closings and refinances, scheduling move-ins, move-outs, and deliveries, and acting as a liaison between Board Members and owners. The team never loses sight of the importance of customer service, and prides themselves on responding promptly to residents' complaints and are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that their needs are met.

List of Administrative services

*Preparing and mailing all correspondence related to business matters.

*Handle requests for Certificates of Insurance for owners.

*Prepare paperwork associated with closings and re-finances (fee for this service is paid by the individual owner requesting this service).

*Assist the Board in the procurement of professional services.

*Function as liaison between Board Members and owners.

*Schedule move in/move outs & deliveries.

*Attend Board and Annual meetings.

*Prepare agendas for meetings.

*Field all calls/emails from owners.

*Review insurance coverage to determine sufficiency of coverage as well as optimal value.

*Provide resale/sublet applicants with appropriate forms. Executing all credit checks, as required.

*Respond promptly to residents’ complaints.

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